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MLS Properties

MLS Properties are updated to your website twice per day from the IDX feed. At the end of this process newly added and updated MLS properties are dynamically pulled from the MLS system then ported to your website.

It is a requirement from the Realtors Association of Jamaica to have MLS properties being displayed on your website listed by other agents not associated with your company display the brokers name with the following text "MLS Provided By"

Online Contacts and Inquries

The business rules fo queries on MLS properties listed on your website are as follows:

  1. MLS properties listed on your website to which you are not the listing agent will have inquires directed to the company's email stored within the office application.
  2. MLS properties to which you are the listing agent, all contacts will be directed to email address of the listing agent with a copy of this inquiry sent to the office email stored within the back office

i DO NOT WISH other company"s name displayed on my site.


This can be done please contact us for further details. 

Since the RAJ website, no longer shows properties, which usually shows immediately after approval.  Can the IDX feed update be increased to about every 2 hours.


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