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Making Properties Current that have already been sold / leased

Follow the steps below to update a property that has been closed with a status of sold / leased;

  1. Click on the module Real Estate Admin
  2. Under the title Approve Listing Click on the link "Update Closed Property Status"
  3. Use the option to search the database for closed properties by entering the property ID in the space provided.
  4. From the result list, click the icon under the update column
  5. On the result page click on the link labeled "Make Property Current"

After completing the steps above your property will now be current but un-approved. Update and approve your property to have it displayed on your website.

Note the above steps do not apply to MLS properties within your database.

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I'm having a problem with PID# 688 I'd closed it out as sold/lease but on our website and my dashboard system its stating that the property is still current. 

 Another problem that I'm having is that PID# 658 not showing on our website but its showing on our internal system. I'll be very grateful if these 2 problems are address as soon as possible.

Thanks much

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