Upcoming Spam Protection Changes

From May 9th to May 11th we will be making an adjustment to the way we block incoming spam. These changes are intended to comply with industry recommendations and best practices for keeping unwanted mail out of your mailbox.

Currently, we allow domain and/or user safe-listed email to be delivered to the intended mailbox whether it passes the initial IP-based check at our inbound servers or not.

After this change is applied, we will no longer allow domain and/or user safe-lists to override the check against industry approved IP addresses that should not be delivering mail. Safe-lists will still apply to all email that is accepted by the system and will allow users to control whether spam is filtered or not. In other words, email from safe-listed senders will be delivered to the intended mailbox, but only if the message originates from a valid sending IP address. This will enable us to definitively block mail from services across the internet that the legitimate email industry recognizes as abusive.

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