Email Issues

We are investigating an issue that is affecting our Hosted Email environment. 

More details will be posted as they become available.

Users should still be able to check their emails using Outlook and other email client. This issue seem to be only affecting webmail users. 

Our tech team seem to now have an handle on the situation and should see this problem being resolved momentarily. We will provide additional update as soon as it becomes available. 

Thank you for your patience.  

Engineering has identified the issue for Webmail connectivity. We are actively working towards a resolution. 

Affected users will experience a lack of connectivity when attempting to access email via the web. Mail clients, such as Outlook and mobile devices are not impacted and are recommended to access your hosted email during the incident.

Mail delivery is not impacted.

Our engineers have implemented a change to resolve the connectivity issues. Affected users may still experience degraded page loads when attempting to access hosted email however that will subside here shortly. 

We will continue to monitor the system and provide further updates as they become available.

In light of continuing connectivity issues, Engineering restarted the Hosted Email services, disconnecting all successful log ins. Engineers continue to actively work on this issue. The next update will be at 5:45pm EDT.

Our Engineering team is continuing to work towards a resolution. Impacted customers are encouraged to continue to utilize mail clients such as Outlook to access their email. Mail delivery has not been impacted.

The next update will be at 6:15pm EDT.