New Media Email Portal Website

We have been working on some changes to our email portal login as such the domain name will become unavailable throughout this time. 

Until our updates have been completed you may use the following website address to access your email account.

Any questions please contact us either via phone or email. Note, this notice will only affect persons who access their email using our email web portal, your email is not affected in any way as you will still be able to access your email via Outlook, mail or other email clients. 

Thank you. 

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We have completed the the first phase of the updates towards increasing the security on our email portal login screen

The SSL Certificate was successfully installed on our Load-Balancers which at present is being propagated, this usually take 24 hours as such we expect that all issues with this page will be solved by tomorrow, 1AM (Central Standard Time) on the March 25, 2017. 

You may still use the following at website address to access your email. Users who access their email accounts via email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mail (for Mac) etc. or on their mobile devices are able to access their emails without issue. 

Another update will be posted as soon as it becomes available, thank you for your patience on this matter. 

All systems have now been restored and our email portal is now back to normal. When you access this area you will also notice a new look for the login page. This is also in line with the security update made to our web-mail login screen.

If you have any challenges please do not hesitate to making contact with us. 

Thank you.